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Jiaozuo Hailian Trading Co., Ltd is located in Jiaozuo, which is the hometown of four major Huaiqing medicines and Tai Chi. In ancient times, it was dependent Territory of Huaiqing Prefecture, the north is Taihang Mountains, the south is Yellow River. Because of the 2 rivers, the land is fertile, rich and desirable. Its special geography, climate, water temperature, therefore, here was abounded in Chinese yam, rehmannia, chrysanthemum, and Achyranthes bidentata, four major Huaiqing medicines. Lishizhen, who was in Ming Dynasty, gave high  evaluation in . Chinese yam is the most famous of the four major Huaiqing medicines, as well as the Boutique which can eat and make drug
Chinese Yam,Huai Flos Chrysanthemum,Huai Radix Reh